Adult Programs

NBRC offers opportunities for adults of any experience level to come and row with us!

About Adult Programs

NBRC's Masters Program

Masters refers to the age category of 21+, and includes people of all skill levels. Thanks to the mild climate and protected waterway of the Petaluma River, North Bay rows year round both recreationally and competitively. NBRC’s Masters program offers coached and independent sweep and sculling, and is available to anyone regardless of experience level, fitness level, mobility concerns, or competitive spirit. Whatever you want to get out of the sport, we can provide it for you!

General Membership

With a general membership, both incoming experienced rowers and first time learners can have the opportunity to take boats out on your own time. NBRC members have access to all club equipment and facilities at all times of the day, so you can find the time in your schedule that works best for you! Once you've been cleared by a coach and have demonstrated your understanding of rowing and the required safety checks, club equipment becomes your equipment. Many NBRC members self-organize group practices, and these can be found on our club calendars.

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