Adults new to rowing

Whether you're interested in finding a new way to stoke your competitive spirit or just looking to stay in shape, rowing is a terrific opportunity!

How do i start rowing?

  • Participate in a group
    Learn-to-Row course


  • Take a private
    sculling lesson

Learn-to-Row Course for Adults

North Bay Rowing Club holds two-day Learn-to-Row seminars geared towards adults several times throughout the year. The class is comprised of a group of up to 15 students and up to 15 instructors/coaches. During this weekend course participants will learn about sport terminology, equipment, safety, and the proper rowing stroke. Afterward students will have the opportunity to continue instruction by joining the novice crew in weekly practices and the option to train and race in regional regattas.

Common questions about NBRC's Learn-to-Row class

Private Lessons

Private lessons are conducted one-on-one with one of our sculling coaches, and can be arranged by contacting the coach directly and scheduled at a time most convenient for you. After several private lessons, the coach can clear you (at their discretion) to take a boat out on your own after you've demonstrated an understanding of the safety precautions and basic rowing technique.

Common questions about private sculling lessons

How do i continue rowing?

What happens after I've participated a Learn-to-Row class or have taken private lessons? Students will have the opportunity to join the NBRC membership.

After joining the membership you can continue to row in a coached program (the Masters Novice Team), row solo or join the network of member scullers on the water.

Novice Masters Team

In masters rowing, athletes are considered novices if they have less than two years of racing experience. Thus, our novice team caters to everyone from those who are just taking their first strokes on the water to those who have been rowing for years but choose not to compete.

This team meets three days a week and focuses primarily on improving the technique and fitness for whatever level of competition an athlete desires. There are numerous opportunities to compete throughout the year, but none are required, and individuals can choose to begin attending regattas at any time.

Common questions about the masters Novice Team


NBRC is comprised of a network of rowers with varied skill levels and backgrounds. Regularly attended non-coached practice times are scheduled on the membership calendar each month, making it easy and accessible for new members to network with others. These are optimal times to practice, since you can help each other on and off the water. NBRC’s Open Row networks members and builds camaraderie between rowers.

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