Sarah NBRC coach 2021

Sarah Kukich

JUNIORs Middle School Learn-to-Row Coach

Sarah looks forward to sharing her passion for rowing and love of sport with our newest additions to the North Bay crew. A high-energy coach, she brings a decade of experience from working with rowing programs on and off the water in Puerto Rico, Virginia, and Connecticut. She was raised by a community of oarsmen who taught her to sweep at age 8 and supported her in racing a 1x starting at age 13. She continued on to become the Women’s Captain and stroke seat of the Varsity 8+ at the US Coast Guard Academy, in addition to competing for two seasons as the Men’s Varsity 4+ coxswain.
Sarah is an active duty US Coast Guard officer and Mechanical Engineer holding a Master Captain’s License 100 Gross Tons, in addition to having over 20 years of boat and ship handling experience. She has worked in educating boaters about safety at sea, performed rescues of mariners in distress, and conducted maritime law enforcement in waters around the world. She is currently earning a Master in Public Health at the Keck School of Medicine at USC remotely, focused on the health effects associated with poor water quality.