Experienced Masters Rowers

A seasoned rower? NBRC also offers opportunities to row on your own or as part of a team, catering to any degree of competitive spirit!

Programs for
Experienced Rowers

  • Coached Teams
  • Sculling


Advanced Masters Team

This coached program is geared towards rowers with at least two years' experience, either from the Novice Masters team or previously through other clubs, and focuses on the training necessary to compete in west coast regattas from Sacramento to Oregon. If you've competed in the past, if you've belonged to other clubs, or if you rowed in high school or college, this program would be the best fit for you. Men's and women's teams practice separately, but both have three coached sessions per week and often an additional self-organized workout.

How to get started:
• If you're a member of the Novice Team, your coach can make a recommendation at their discretion that you move up to the advanced team. This is followed by a trial period on that team, in which the advanced team coach makes the final decision
• If you have not been recommended to advance but would like to try out, there are open tryouts at the start of each season, and acceptance is at the advanced coach's discretion

Independent Sculling

Sculling is for the new or experienced rower. Semi-private lessons are arranged weekly, and individual lessons with a sculling coach can be scheduled to fit your needs. Lessons are tailored to your skill level and are designed to give you the tools and ability to safely row solo on the river. During the lessons you will learn proper boat & equipment handling, safety, and the rowing stoke. When you have demonstrated to the coach that you can safely row solo, they can certify you to take out club equipment on your own. From there, you can row whenever you like, or network with other scullers to plan a group row.

How to get started:
• Contact us to schedule a private lesson with one of our sculling coaches