Middle School Team

Our middle school learn-to-row program focuses on teaching the basics of the sport in a fun and recreational way. We are currently on Winter Break. Training for our LTR's in the Fall will begin Sept 11, 2023.

Middle School Learn-to-Row team

On the Learn-to-Row team, kids learn the fundamentals of the rowing stroke, practice both sweep rowing and sculling, and get experience working together in different kinds of boats. The focus is on technical proficiency and enjoying the time spent on the water, while also learning teamwork and developing the skills to compete at the high school level. No rowing experience is required to join the Learn-to-Row team.

Middle School Athletes:
7th & 8th Grade

Practice Times:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday; 4-6:00pm

Fall Season:
September - November

Spring Season:

Middle School Learn-to-row Team
Program Pricing

$150 per month
(does not include the annual registration fee)
  • Registration Fee $395
    Annual Fee
  • Monthly Dues $150
    September through November and February through May
  • Middle School Athletes
    Fall Season (September - November
    Spring Season (February-May)
  • Practice Times
    3 Days a Week
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4-6:00pm